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Clean room, clean mind. Move out in peace knowing Marielle Cleaning & Ironing can provide the best end-of-tenancy cleaning services.

Your lease may have just ended. Are you leaving your rental home or apartment? If so, you should put the End of Tenancy cleaning at the top of your "moving houses" list to avoid losing your security deposit.

When a lease in London expires, the tenant is responsible for leaving the rental property clean, tidy, and in the same condition as when they originally moved in. Every lease agreement contains this vital provision. The completion of the end-of-tenancy cleaning in Kingston is a requirement for the refund of your security deposit. After you have left, the landlord or renting agent conducts a thorough inspection of the entire property to check for damage or filthy areas. If everything goes according to plan, you receive your deposit back and transfer to your new residence.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London: Services We Provide

Marielle Cleaning & Ironing Services specializes in lease-end cleaning and restorations offering End of Tenancy in London, done by trained and experienced professionals. Here’s what services we cover in End of Tenancy cleaning in London.

All Rooms

  • Dust the ceiling/corner for cobwebs
  • Wipe the skirting boards
  • Wash the windows inside
  • Wash the window ledges/blinds
  • Wipe down the doors and handles
  • Wash the radiator
  • Clean all the mirrors
  • Dust the surfaces
  • Dust the lampshades/lamp and all fixtures
  • Clean the fireplace
  • Dust the cupboard inside and out


  • Clean the sink and taps
  • Clean bath and tiles grout
  • Mold and lime scale treatment
  • Scrub the shower doors/tubs/bath
  • Wash and disinfect the toilet inside and out
  • Clean the mirrors and frames
  • Wipe down the cupboards and fixtures
  • Dust the skirting boards
  • Clean the light fittings
  • Wash the windows and wipe down doors and handles
  • Wash the radiator
  • Polish all surfaces


  • Dust ceiling/corner for cobwebs
  • Wash windows, windowsills, and windows inside
  • Dust the skirting boards
  • Clean the dishwasher and microwave inside and out
  • Clean the washing machine, fridge, and freezer inside and out
  • Wipe down the doors and handles
  • Cleaning of sink and taps to remove the lime scale
  • Clean the extractor fan
  • Cleaning of all the drawers and cabinets inside-out
  • Wash the counter tops
  • Empty the bins and clean them inside-out
  • Vacuum and mop the floor

Main Living Area

  • Dust the ceiling for cobwebs
  • Clean the lamp and light fittings
  • Dust the skirting boards
  • Spot clean the radiators
  • Wash the windows /ledges/blinds
  • Dust the cupboards inside and out
  • Clean and polish all furniture
  • Wipe down the door and handles
  • Vacuum and mop the floor


  • Dust the ceiling for cobwebs
  • Cleanthes lamps and light fittings
  • Dust the skirting boards
  • Wash the windows/ledges/blinds
  • Spot clean radiators
  • Dust the bannisters
  • Vacuum and mop (if applicable)

We Clean Your Carpet Too!

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning London includes carpet cleaning (if required) as well. We have advanced equipment and cleaning agent to get the dirt, grime, mould and mildew out of the rental’s carpets and make it germ-free and shiny as new.

We Clean & Disinfect Rentals at Affordable Rates

Worried that the cleaning charges might burn a hole through your pocket? Marielle Cleaning & Ironing Services acknowledges that moving houses can get expensive. Hence, we make sure to offer you end of tenancy cleaning at a reasonable service charge.


Our move out cleaning service adheres to the standards demanded by landlords and estate agents and uses a comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist.

How much notice do I need to give?

As with everything else, it’s best to give as much advance notice as you can to ensure our availability. If a team is available, we can arrange cleaning quickly.

Can I leave my stuff in the property?

Ideally, it’s best if the property is completely empty, save for any furniture which belongs to the landlord. However, if we’re only talking about a box or two, then we’ll probably be able to work around it.

Is it okay if you use cleaning products I provide?

In general, we’re pleased to use client-provided goods when requested. But it’s also important to remember that Marielle Cleaning & Ironing Services is an eco-friendly business and that we won’t use any materials that are known to be bad for the environment, animals, or people.

What happens if I’m not happy with the quality of your work?

We’re confident you’ll be delighted with the service you receive from us. We offer a three-day guarantee. But in the unlikely event that you are genuinely dissatisfied in any respect, we’ll repeat the clean at no extra cost.

Is parking and/or congestion charging included?

Any parking or congestion charging is an additional charge and may need to be paid on the day. Your cleaning team will do their best to find free parking or ways to avoid the congestion charge, however this is not always possible, especially in a busy and congested city like London.

Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer before the service?

For even better results, it would be advantageous if you defrosted your freezer and refrigerator before the cleaners showed there. In addition to helping the professionals leave your appliances in the finest condition possible, this will speed up the cleaning and deodorising procedure.

What areas do you cover?

We cover most of South West London in Kingston and surrounding areas. And some postcodes within the M25. A complete list of all the areas is given here for you.

Contact us for more info if you are unable to use our online booking system to make a booking.

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