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Emergency Cleaning

Do you know what an emergency cleaning is? Sounds funny, doesn't it? It does, indeed. We do, however, occasionally need our house cleaned right away.
Especially whether it's a possible breakfast partner or a surprise visit from friends or relatives!
Or perhaps there simply isn't enough time because the holidays are approaching and there is a lot of buying to be done.
In any way, you need help. And we are here to help you out.
Just give us a call, tell us what is needed of us and wait. Somebody could be with you in an hour, even.
We can carry out any one of our services.
Although it currently seems absurd, it is possible. When a corporation fails to deliver, we step in.
You've had a difficult night; now let us tidy up.
The house is in disarray, and you don't feel well? We can assist.
Have you spilled any wine on the carpet? Don't stress over it. We've arrived!
To find out if we are the best option for you, call us for a free quote with no commitment.

Emergency Cleaning Price

The price per cleaner begins at £22.00 per hour. Even if the job takes less time, the minimum fee for each visit is £88.00. Prices do not include VAT.

Our Professional Equipment

pro cleaning equipment

Turbojet high-pressure cleaners achieve extremely high levels of efficiency, dependability, and performance. has a maximum water flow of 1000 litres per hour and a maximum pressure of 240 bar. Our expert and excellent brick and stone, patio, and drive cleaning service is available. SWC promises to leave your patio spotless and free of debris. We use highly pressurised water for our brick and stone, deck, patio, and driveway cleaning services, as well as for washing walls and balconies. All the debris and weeds will be eliminated by professional jetting equipment.
We can swiftly and simply remove stains, ugly weeds, moss, lichen, and algae as well as address difficulties brought on by the weather, offering the solution to many different types of issues. Additionally, the discoloration issue will be resolved by our expert jet washing service. Restoring your walls, patio, and driveway to their former state will enhance the look of your property.

About the service

However, driveway and patio cleaning services go beyond aesthetics. We can also make your driveways, patios, and walks safer by using our high range pressure washers. If not maintained, algae and moss-covered patios, pathways, and roads can become dangerous in addition to being ugly. Especially true in winter when rain and snow wipe away moss and algae. This stops the surfaces around your property from becoming slippery.
SWC’s staff can blast your patio with high pressurized water which enables us to get rid of all dirt which is on your patio/drive and restore it to its former glory. Our company provide all the equipment needed so you must not worry about anything.
We promise to leave your brick and stone patio spotless and in the same condition as when you initially installed it. Additionally, we can clean your patio without using any chemicals.

What to do next?

We do advise using weed killer after we've finished cleaning the patio and driveway. If there are weeds on your patio or road, this stops them from coming back.
Allow us to restore your driveways and patios back to their best with our professional jet washing and pressure cleaning service. Why fork out a fortune to re-lay your drive or put down a new patio, when we can refurbish it back to its original condition for a fraction of the price?


A garden should be utilised as a useful area all year long. Given that it serves as an extension of your residence or place of business, it requires care to remain in top condition throughout the year.

No matter how big or tiny, there are always pleasures and discoveries to be had in your garden, especially during the darkest winter months. When keeping your garden seems impossible, we will come over and take care of it.

The Kingston, Esher, Cobham, Weybridge, Oxshott, and surrounding areas are particularly well-served by Marielle Cleaning & Ironing Gardeners when it comes to maintaining top-notch gardens. We want to make sure that you may use and appreciate it all year long, but particularly in the spring and summer when blossoms are at their best.

Garden Maintenance Price

Gardening team of two for one hour, then for every additional half-hour, for £49.00. Even if it takes less hours to complete the service, the minimum fee per visit is £49.00. After the first hour, we’ll bill in half-hour increments. Prices do not include VAT.

Lawn Care

A lawn that is left unattended will quickly grow out of control. Let’s take care of the mowing and weeding so that the grass stays short and invasive plants are kept at bay. Additionally, we’ll guarantee that your grass is moss-free.

Mowing, Grass cutting, Scarifying, Trimming of borders or edges Price

Gardening team of two for one hour, then for every additional half-hour, for £49.00. Even if it takes less hours to complete the service, the minimum fee per visit is £49.00. After the first hour, we’ll bill in half-hour increments. Prices do not include VAT.

Pest Control

All of our gardens are plagued with pests who draw unwelcome attention to them and, if left unchecked, can-do major harm to your plants. Your garden may avoid insect damage with routine upkeep, and we are experts at providing that.

Plant Care

Humans reap the rewards of this cycle from flowers, fruits, and vegetables, each stage having its own allure. Plants will do what comes naturally to them—grow and set seed—and each stage has its own allure. We can guarantee that your plants will receive the greatest care year-round to produce the most delicious harvests thanks to our significant expertise and experience.

Wisteria Care

A yearly joy to see are the magnificent lilac and white flowers of wisteria in the spring. While these climbing plants can be let to grow year after year, proper care and twice-yearly pruning will result in the best displays. We can ensure that your wisteria is at its finest and ready for you to enjoy so you can get the most out of it.

Decking and Patio Care

Our staff performs necessary preventative maintenance, including but not limited to pressure washing to remove moss and algae buildup, deck oiling, and treatment, to avoid wood decay and ugly slick paving.

Patio, Driveway, Balcony, Wall, and Decking Cleaning Price

Up to 40m² from £4.00 per m²
41m²–100m² from £3.50 per m²
More than 100m² – £3.00 per m² thereafter. Maximum cleaning 400m² per day. We charge 50p per m² labour for sanding + sand. Every job is quoted individually, depending upon the type of stone/pave/brick, initial clearing (leaves, pots, etc.)

Patio, Driveway, Path, Balcony, Wall, and Decking Cleaning – Minimum charge per visit is £100.00 even if the job requires fewer hours.

All prices excluding VAT

Hedge Cutting/Trimming

Owning and maintaining hedging can be challenging. With routine trimming, you can keep your hedges looking tidy and neat. Ideally, without the summer season, twice per year.
In order to maintain the shape and quality of each hedge, we have a very good reputation for working to strict standards. Numerous customers invite us to visit them again each year.
The Snow-White Gardeners crew always cleans up after themselves, even sweeping sidewalks and drives as necessary and properly disposing of hedge clippings.
Like our hedge cutting service, we may plan our visits as frequently as you require to maintain your hedge in good shape all year round.
Our crew is delighted to work under your guidance and will always try to finish a job according to your specifications. Hedgerows, bushes, and trees that are well-kept and kept trimmed will greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of the neighbourhood. Throughout the year, Marielle Cleaning & Ironing Gardeners provides a full hedge cutting and pruning service.
Our team of skilled hedge trimmers can instantly alter your landscape by pruning your hedges to look precisely how you want if you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained, or reconstructed.
There is no issue with trees! We provide a fully qualified and insured service that includes everything from shaping and reduction to felling and dead-wooding.


• Hedge shaping
• Hedge trimming
• Hedge cutting
• Regular hedge maintenance
• Complete hedge removal

We even accept fences, netting, greenhouses, sheds, walls, and old, unwanted, or damaged garden equipment.
The Garden Clearance staff is qualified, diligent, trustworthy, thorough, and discretely effective. We are also welcoming and supportive. We do not allow rudeness toward our customers, and we have strong disciplinary measures in place. We respect you and your belongings.
No clearance requires your physical presence. If you are unable to come, we can pick up the keys at a convenient location and coordinate with your neighbour, lawyer, or estate agent. In order to avoid confusion, we do ask for a specific brief on what you want us to remove or delete.
As part of our commitment to preserving the environment, we will submit all recyclable waste for recycling. The staff is available for visits on any day you want. We are available Monday through Sunday, and there is no extra charge for appointments on the weekends and on holidays. If you are preparing a garden party and forgot to clear the green space, the staff is also prepared to visit you that day.

Hedge Cutting/Trimming Price

Free estimate following viewing, or a team of two gardeners for one hour for £49.00 and every additional half hour for £49.00. Even if it takes less hours to complete the service, the minimum fee per visit is £49.00. After the first hour, we’ll bill in half-hour increments. Prices do not include VAT.

All prices excluding VAT

Gutter Cleaning

We cannot clean gutters that have gutter guards

We cannot clean down-pipes below ground level

We need access to electricity, water supply, and access to the building from the front and the back.

Minimum booking of £80

All prices are excluding VAT

Green Waste Removal Price

1-2 Jumbo bags
£ 22 per bag


6-12 Jumbo bags
£ 18 per bag


3-5 Jumbo bags
£ 20 per bag


1 Jumbo bag – 90/90 cm (1yard ³)
£ 30 per bag


Our Service Estimation

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